Cyber Recruiter and Cyber Train

Cyber Recruiter is for applicant tracking and Cyber Train is a learning management solution that will integrate with your existing MIP by Community Brands™ infrastructure to streamline your talent management process.

  • Transform your recruiting process:Transfer applicant hiring info seamlessly from Cyber Recruiter into MIP by Community Brands with real time integration.
  • Manage all steps of your recruiting process from requisition through onboarding.
  • Easily transfer newly hired applicant data to MIP by Community Brands without any additional keying of information.
  • Manage volunteer recruitment.

Improve how you track, train, and deliver employee training:

  • Cyber Train provides a powerful training management and online learning solution perfect for managing all employee and volunteer training requirements, enrollments, and certifications easily and accurately from a central location.

Need more information? Watch our quick video about Cyber Recruiter and Cyber Train or download our product overview brochures.

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Cyber Recruiter Video

Cyber Recruiter Product Overview

Cyber Train Video

Cyber Train Product Overview

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