AvidXchange is the market leader in AP and Payment Automation services and helps MIP users incorporate an easier, faster and more secure way to process invoices and make electronic payments. Additionally, AvidXchange offers MIP users payment solutions that help them discover how to transform their Payables Department into a profit center through a revolutionary rebate program. Significantly reduce your costs and the time spent on processing payables invoices and payments by removing the paper–along with all the time and clutter that goes along with it. You’re just 45-days away from removing the paper and enjoying a more efficient payment automation experience.
  • Eliminate Paper – Shift to 100% electronic invoices and payments to save time and money with AI -powered solutions.
  • Get 24/7 Remote Access – Manage your AP process from anywhere with an internet connection to keep your business moving.
  • Send Fast, Secure Payments – Reduce fraud risk and get your suppliers paid on time with secure and efficiently managed payment solutions.
  • Scale for Growth – Reduce inefficiencies such as manual tasks and cut processing costs by up to 60%.
  • Pay More Ways – Pay suppliers based on their choice of Mastercard, AvidPay Direct – an enhanced direct deposit method – or AvidPay check.
  • Gain Total Control – Enforce your existing business rules, set permissions and have access to a complete audit trail from PO to payment.

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Providing Financial Management and Time Tracking for the legal sector, non-profit organizations, small governments, and tribal nations. Software Simplified is certified in MIP Fund Accounting™, AmpliFund™ Grant Management, Sage Timeslips™, Visibility Software, AvidXchange and Microix Workflow Modules™. Software Simplified is a business partner for LightWork Talent Management and Centerbase CRM.

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