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Did you know you can have more than one budget in MIP at a time?

To do this, you’ll want to use our Budget Version feature. You can set up multiple budget versions under Organization > Setup Modules > Budget > Budget Versions. Then you’ll create a budget ID and decide which budget you want to be primary. ⁠

How To Troubleshoot Bank Reconciliation

Have you ever tried balancing your bank reconciliation but something just isn’t adding up even though your balance per books matches what the bank is showing? The can occur due to mismatched dates between the document date and the effective date of your cash items. If your document and effective dates are in differing months, it will affect what shows up in bank rec or the balance of your bank rec. Check out our handy troubleshooting guide for bank reconciliation below.


Using Report Bookmarks

Did you know you could bookmark a page on the print to screen view of a report inside MIP Fund Accounting and in MIP Cloud Classic? You can set a bookmark on a single page to quickly recall when browsing through a large report.


Recording Credit Card Transactions in MIP

Credit card payments are part of every day life. While MIP does not have an account type for credit cards, we have put together steps to process credit card payments by setting the credit card up as a cash account and being able to use that cash account in entries such as Accounts Payable or Journal Vouchers.


How to Add an Image or Logo to a Custom Format in Forms Designer

Did you know you can add your organization’s logo or an electronic signature image file (.bmp) to your checks? See the article below on how to add an image to a check, invoice, statement, etc. with ease.


Recovering Transaction Entry Columns

Have you ever moved a transaction entry column on your Journal Voucher entry screen or maybe Select Invoices to Pay for Accounts Payable and either they were hidden or you just wanted to reset to default? Well you can by right clicking on a blank area at the top of the transaction entry columns and selecting Restore Form Layout.


How To Set Check Signature Rules

Did you know that you can set up signature rules for check printing using Forms Designer? For example, you can add a dollar amount rule for anything over $4999.99 requires a physical signature, and anything below $4999.99 will print the electronic signature on the check. KB article with rule set up:


How to Reverse an A/P System Generated Check

Have you ever needed to reverse just one check or voucher out of an entire session of paid invoices? You can do that by reversing the APS session but editing it before you post to remove all of the good checks from the session so you are only reversing the check or voucher that needs to be reversed. The guide below takes you thru that process.


Error Unable to Transfer to Accounting

If you use the payroll module in MIP, chances are you’ve come across a payroll that would not transfer to accounting. This can happen for a number of reasons: distribution codes missing segments, no earnings associated with a deduction code, etc. We put together an article that contains the common errors and provided steps to resolve. Check it out!


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