Microix Workflow™

Advanced Budgeting

An advanced planning and reporting tool that allows you to create budget worksheets for any time period. The system automates the process by building budget worksheet based on any program, fund, grant, department, cost center or any other designation. You may also pre-load the worksheets with current and pro year data from MIP Fund Accounting’s™ General Ledger. After managers finalize their budget worksheet, it can then be submitted to a multi-level approval process. Upon final approval, the worksheets are automatically transferred to MIP Fund Accounting™ as un-posted budget entries.


Enables each employee to record their timesheet data electronically and automatically route them through a multi-level approval process. Upon final approval, Microix will adjust the employee’s payroll distribution code to match their timesheet allocated hours and generate a regular timesheet within MIP Fund Accounting’s™ Payroll module.

Requisition/Purchase Order

Enables accountants and non-accounting staff to create purchase requests from their desktop computer. Administrators can enforce specific requirements to reduce errors and ensure that information is accurately provided to properly process a request. Once the requests are submitted and approved through a multi-level approval process, it is automatically converted to a purchase order and seamlessly transferred to MIP Fund Accounting™ as an un-posted encumbrance or A/P transaction.


A feature-rich tool that allows you to efficiently and effectively manage your inventory. It works hand-in-hand with Microix’s Requisition/Purchase Order Module to leverage off of a proven workflow approval process and fully integrates with MIP Fund Accounting™ Software. Additional features include printing physical count sheets at any time; printing barcodes for inventory items; and, generating purchase orders for items that are running low, and sending them through an approval process.

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Providing Financial Management and Time Tracking for the legal sector, non-profit organizations, small governments, and tribal nations. Software Simplified is certified in MIP Fund Accounting™, AmpliFund™ Grant Management, Sage Timeslips™, Visibility Software, AvidXchange and Microix Workflow Modules™. Software Simplified is a business partner for LightWork Talent Management and Centerbase CRM.

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